Leach Construction offers installation of five and 6-inch seamless gutters with hand spun corners. Aluminum gutters are installed with aluminum hidden hangers. Copper and brass gutter are also available for installation through our company. Copper and brass gutters are installed with stainless steel or brass hangers. All hangers are spaced 2′ apart. All corners are sealed with a silicone sealant. Our company uses Michigan Aluminum Corporation or Quality Aluminum Products for the aluminum coil used on our 5” and 6” gutter installations. Five-inch gutters use a .027-gauge aluminum and 6″ gutters use a .032-gauge aluminum. Roughly 48 colors choices are available for five-inch aluminum gutters. A smaller selection of colors are available for 6″ aluminum gutter installation. Five-inch gutters are installed with 2×3″ downspouts. Six-inch gutters are installed with 3×4″ downspouts. Our company also installs premium gutter guards in 5″ and 6″ aluminum gutters if contracted. Mesh gutter guards are available for installation in copper or brass gutters if contracted. Gutter Guards do not come with new gutters.